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Our investment banking division (IBD) incorporates a sales and trading (S&T) division and an asset management division.

We handle by side and sell side mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our investment banking division is also referred to as the corporate finance department and incorporates products and industries. 


We provide advice on transactions, mergers, and acquisitions and provide financing for these transactions. 


We are the perfect financial partner to Companies. We guide Companies on the complexities surrounding financing a business and managing its assets. We offer our clients strategic planning advice. We guide Companies on when it is the best time to make Public Offerings advising them of the best times to make a public offering and on asset management subject matter. 


Capital Reserve's Investment Department comprises of the following divisions:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

 - advices on sales, mergers and purchase of companies

Leveraged Finance (LevFin)

- issuance of high-yield debt to firms to finance acquisitions and other corporate activities

Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

 - advice on equity and equity-derived products (IPOs, shares, capital raises, secondary offerings etc.)

Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

 - advice on raising and structuring of debt to finance acquisitions and other corporate activities


 - We improve the structures of companies to make them more profitable. Our designated teams work with clients on raising debt, IPOs and acquisitions. 

Relationships and Liaisons

 - By becoming a Client of Capital Reserve you benefit from the services of our qualified investment bankers to raise the funds that you require to complete your projects.

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